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Established in 1987, Hermetel Oy is a Finnish family company specialised in the freezing industry. Our production premises are located in Orimattila, Finland.

Our product range includes prefabricated cold and clean rooms, and the relevant fittings.  We provide solutions for commercial and food industry requirements, shipping companies, health care facilities, and research centres.

Our business is based on customer orientation, strong technical competence, and operational reliability. We want to provide solutions and services that are suitable for individual needs, while taking environmental and quality matters into consideration.

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Our solutions


Cold and freezer rooms of all sizes from a Finnish manufacturer

We will design prefabricated cold and freezer rooms, as well as production premises according to your requirements, as customised functional ensembles. The rooms will be equipped according to your needs. Our versatile range of doors offers solutions for many premises. If necessary, we will also deliver cooling equipment to the cold rooms. Our products are always designed with the end user in mind: they are easy to keep clean, and they are durable.

Our structure solutions are based on polyurethane sandwich panels. Hermetel Oy's elements are connected to each other with quick-release mechanisms, which make their installation quick and simple. We have completed all the EU tests required by the Construction Products Regulation. Our products are positioned within the tolerances specified in the standards, and are permitted to use the CE mark.

Please contact us, and we will design premises that are perfect for your needs.



Hermetel clean room element systems

A clean room constitutes a separate closed area in a facility or building. Clean rooms are used for manufacturing, researching and performing activities during which it is possible to control and determine the conditions, excess pressure, and the amount of particles in the air, in accordance with the specifications. Our prefabricated products have the CE marking, in accordance with the standards EN 14509:2013.

Clean Room

Hermetel Oy's Clean Room system is comprised of the elements, the doors, the windows, and other necessary components that produce as little static electricity as possible, and which emits no particles.

Isolation rooms ISORO

The Hermetel isolation room ISORO is a new kind of way of building wall and ceiling structures, closed rooms, washing and social facilities based on the clean room premises, which require the hermetic structure of an insulation room. The structure is based on a modular element system and its accessories. The special conditions required by the premises are precise hermetics, fire safety category EI 15, and the sound insulation of the premises. The access control/closing systems of the doors have been accounted for in the system, with the Interock control.

Operating theatre OT-CELLA

The Hermetel operating theatre OT-CELLA is new kind of way of building the wall and ceiling structures of an operating theatre, based on the clean room principle, as well as the space required by the technology, positioned next to the theatre. The structure is based on a modular element system, on the principle of a compact clean room. The system is complemented by automated sliding doors, a suspended ceiling that covers the technology and absorbs sound; and, if necessary, a steel support structure supported from below or from above.
OT-CELLA is compatible with the INOROOM™ whole room delivery.


Inoroom™ is a new integrated operating theatre solution, i.e. a turnkey solution that can be ordered in a single delivery. It combines ease of use, functionality and efficiency, in an exceptionally hygienic and smart way.

Please contact us, and we can complete your clean room project with precise professionalism.



Our sustainable and responsible business operations include consideration of quality, environment and safety in all of our activities. We are constantly collecting feedback to develop our operations, and we perform quality checks throughout the various stages of product manufacturing, in accordance with our quality manual and the harmonised product standard EN14509.



Our high-quality products have a long working life, so that the material efficiency of our products represents the top of its field. We adhere to valid legislation related to the environment, and are actively monitoring any changes occurring therein. We minimise the environmental effects caused by our operations, and we are constantly developing new methods for reducing the waste and energy load caused by the manufacturing process.



Our goal is to have zero accidents. We estimate all operational risks based on equipment and tasks, and we adhere to the best possible occupational health and safety practices. We also ensure that the safety training of our staff remains up to date.

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